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Palazzo Falzon (Norman House)
Tales of a Silent City
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Medieval Times

Medieval Times

Medieval Times is a historic and cultural attraction situated within Palazzo Costanzo. The palazzo is located in the heart of Mdina and is a baroque jewel with unique architectural features and enchanting vaulted chambers. Palazzo Costanzo has managed to survive the most turbulent of times in Malta's history and through generations of inheritance has been preserved and restored to its present glorious state. Located within the palazzo is the Medieval Times attraction which aptly portrays life in the 14th and 15th centuries. Mdina, the medieval capital of Malta, was a magnet for local villagers due to its religious and civic importance. Through imaginative displays you will see insights into everyday medieval scenes depicting the builder, plasterer, butcher, sentry, carpenter, blacksmith, lords, market sellers and others. The creative use of lights, sounds and smells further enhance the whole experience. The attraction appeals to people of all ages and storyboards are available in English, French, German and Italian. A restaurant, a café and a gift shop are also situated on the premises.

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